MixTape & MixCD Hosting

Do you wanna get your MixTape/CD hosted and/or mixed by DJ Ed-Nice?!

$150 for...
-6 Customized drops of whatever you need DJ Ed Nice to say (You’ll need to provide a script or concept idea within reason aka no off the wall shiggity)
-3 MySpace bulletins promoting your mixtape through DJ Ed Nice's MySpace pages (15,000+ friends!) (Along with the MySpace pages of the whole KnowNaim/BabyMOB/Mossburg fam)
-PLUS 5 extra bulletins promoting your MixTape through DJ Ed Nice's Online Promo Squad or Upstate NY Street Team. All bulletins will go out within 14 days.

$350 for
-You will get all that in the $150 deal PLUS DJ Ed Nice will blend & mix your songs. He will also add effects (bombs, gun shots, spin backs, etc) to it.
-Basic MixTape cover graphic design

$450 for
-You will get all that is in the $350 deal PLUS DJ Don Julio, Jac Rip & the whole KnowNaim/BabyMOB/Mossburg fam will blend, mix, and add effects to your project together as a team.

NOTE: For all deals you can use DJ Ed Nice's logo & name on the cover as "mixed by" or "hosted by". All money must be paid upfront via PayPal. All deals have a 14 calendar day turnaround once all tracks and $$$ have been received. All projects will must be pre-approved before any work will be done.

DJ Ed-Nice at djednice@knownaim.net or 716-533-0752 for details
DNK at DNK@knownaim.net