Letter to CJ...

Dear CJ I know its been a minute since we last spoke,

I got so much to tell you, I guess this my last hope.

First off you know I love you more like a brother,

I remember when you moved in, couldn’t stay with ya mother.

showed me a lot, taught me ball, made me tough,

Play boxing after school, use to always rough me up.

Couldn’t wait to see you, it was you, Lon and me,

Running up and down barthel, from walden to gennesee.

Football was ya passion, you prolly could’ve went pro,

But if these streets get you…., you already know.

Hate I moved so far away, we should’ve stayed connected,

Plus the situation with my pops got kinda hectic.

We good now, every time we talked I ask about you.

He told what was up, I heard you been doing it up.

Its all good but I wish you would’ve slow down,

Especially since I know everything that I know now.

Enough of that, don’t mean to preach even though I should,

Well you know I moved to GA, got up out the hood.

Started doing this rap thing, ya cuz kinda nice.

Been the same girl for 10 years trying to do right.

I got married had 2 kids and a dog,

Nice house, new whip, livin like a little boss.

I heard you came down, you aint stop by or nothing,

I was kinda upset, I mean you could’ve said something.

But I judging I was just a lil hot,

Plus you aint been the same ever since you got shot.

Then when you got knocked, came back from jail,

Heard you was giving the city of buffalo hell.

That’s not the C I know, I don’t care what people tell me,

The C I know use to make me peanut butter and jelly,

Watch cartoons with me, wrestled, played in the snow,

Showed me how to throw a spiral, you was my big bro

I hate you had to go, I guess it was ya time.

And this aint the first time I mentioned you in a rhyme.

Couple of years ago, I dedicated a verse,

It meant a lot to me, I wish you could’ve heard it.

Hope you made ya peace with GOD, I said a lil prayer,

Wish I could take it back, wish you was right here.

I wouldn’t even care if we still didn’t speak,

Cause since you been gone, it’s been hard for me to sleep.

So many questions left unanswered, and I guess they never will,

It’s hard to explain the pain that our family feels

This really hurts my heart, you was my blood,

I’ll never forget you, Love always Ya lil cuz.


Jac Rip - Letter To CJ.mp3 - Jac Rip