Who is Jac Rip

One of the most innovative sounds in music today comes not from a pre-packaged formula, or a contest winner or a marquee name. Stirring up an incredible buzz locally and statewide with thought provoking, heady lyrics, seamless production and an emotive, inviting delivery from his veritable armory of rhymes, is Hip Hop’s answer to Kobe Bryant, Jac Rip.

Jac Rip, nee Darnell Jackson, completes the package with an incredibly honest and soulful stage presence and love for the art, absent from so many of his contemporaries. Jac Rip explodes onto the forefront with a very respectable list of performances under his belt spanning a decade and a catalog of consistent, dynamic music worthy of his predecessors and influences in the genre.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Jac’s story begins like many others; rife with the temptation and struggle of the inner city. Yet his is not the typical formula of “I had to sell drugs to make it out” that has become all too common. Instead, his pen became his religion, his muse, his salvation and his first album, fittingly titled “The Diary”, the obvious and compelling writ of a soul saved by music.

With the backing of fellow artists on his self founded label, Baby Mob Entertainment, Jac Rip's intentions to rock the nation are already being realized.

Jac Rip