Living Ben Franklin's Schedule Day 1

Shouts to my boys over at the Good Men Project for bringing this back to the forefront of my mind…

I've read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 3 or 4 times over the years and I have always been fascinated by how he lived and organised his life.

In the book, he gives his general outline of his day – I figured I would give this a try this week and see how it goes.

Today was day 1 of doing that; I usually wake at 530a, so bumping that forward another ½ hour wasn’t that big of a deal. However, generally speaking, Monday’s are hard because I usually come alive in the nighttime – but I still made it up.

After getting myself together; I got my sons up & made breakfast for them, then got them off to school and daycare – then off to deal with the daily business: you know a couple of meetings, paperwork, etc…

What I truly find different is how much time Ben sets aside for self-examination & sell-reflection. I think that’s a great idea & something that I don’t do all that much.

Also, being, uhm…self…directed, I find it hard to put away all the ‘work’ once 6pm came along. Which again, that is something else I must do better with because it takes away from quality time I have with my sons.

Of course I’m also behind the 8-ball on the sleep department considering I’m writing this at 11p.

Anyway, Day 1 is in the book and we’ll do better on Day 2…