Nas - The Season [NEW MUSIC]

What more could you ask for? New music by NaS, produced by J.Dilla, and it spits a dope message...

Here's what I mean:

“The ruler’s back, you can tell by the trumpets / Prince of Wales sent me tea, biscuits, crumpets / Jewelry cost more than the car, car cost 200 / Get out your chair, the season of Nasir,”

Oh and what about these bars:

“Let me make this clear, they fear the gifted / Some say Shakespeare never existed / Wow, now, look at the amount of resistance / Attempts to chisel my face, from the mountain you guessed it / Bitch you guessed it / There, did I answer your questions? / So, now that’s out the way let’s get back to my message.”

Speaking of NY & Detroit.... "The Season" coming out any minute #SeasonOfNasir #RipDilla

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Images Courtesy of: DJ Ed-Nice & NasNYC Instagram