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How To Pick The Right DJ

Here I have listed a few ways on how to make a decision on picking / identifying the right DJ. These are in order of importance:

1. Experience- make sure your DJ has experience and they haven’t been DJing in their bedroom for the past two months.
2. Equipment- know the difference between professional DJ equipment and home stereo equipment. See my article on Professional Sound vs. Home Stereo.
3. Music – does your DJ have a large database of music? If not, then this is obvious a lot of your favorite songs will not get played.
4. Insurance – make sure your DJ has liability insurance of at least $1,000,000. Many venues require you to hire a DJ with liability insurance and add them as additional insured.
5. Testimonials – does the DJ have testimonials or references? If they cannot provide any, then you need to keep looking.
6. Attire – is your DJ willing to dress for the occasion? If not, then he/she will not bring the kind of professionalism to your event that it deserves.
7. Contract – does your DJ provide you a contract to protect your deposit? If not, then that is a mark against their level of professionalism.
8. Communication – does your DJ communicate to you well? If not, then how well will he/she communicate to your guests?

There are plenty more things that you will want to find out about your DJ, but most of all, use your judgment. If something doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t.

by Scott Thompson (DJ Skoot)

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