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A DJ's "least favorite questions" (via @StuffDJsHate)

These are currently my 4 least favorite questions.
I hear these way more often than I would like.
They range from petty to annoying to downright stupid.
but most of all, they make me wonder
“Why would you even ask that?”
This may be the first installment of an ongoing series, so here we go -
Can you play something good?
Nope, not tonight.
All crap tonight.
Come back tomorrow, that’s when good music gets played.
How much do you get paid?
This is just rude.
No where else in your life is this acceptable.
Do you ask this to dentist?
If we are doing this, then I’d like to see your tax return, please.
Can you play something we can dance to?
You mean something with a beat? And maybe a chorus?
Let me see if I have anything that fits that bill.
Nope, just music to cry too.
This is like the “play something good” one but weirder.
It’s not a request for better music
but for something this particular person feels comfortable dancing to.
How do you decide what songs to play?
Certainly not from listening to people who can’t even name the song.
It’s not just random songs thrown together.
I don’t close my eyes and grab a record.
Usually there is some pattern in place
It’s hard to describe, but it has a lot to do with experience.
It’s not as easy as playing the iTunes Top 10 in order.

(Original Content via Stuff DJs Hate)

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